feeding your parrot

Your parrot can eat the following, I know a lot of you will say my parrot wont eat this food but please try some of this list if your parrot throws it out or dosent eat it dont give up it sometimes takes a couple of weeks for parrots to realise it is a tasty food.
Apples Bananas Citrus fruits Grapes Mango Papaya Passion fruit Pomegranate Peaches
Asparagus Beets Bell peppers Broccoli Butternut Carrots greens Corn-on-the-cob Courgettes Hot peppers Spinach Tomatoes Leeks
Winter squashes Dandelion greens Kale Okra Sweet potatoes Parsley Pumpkins

Any fruit and vegetable can be tried. Just avoid a lot of mashes or stewed fruit because of fat and sugar.

I’ve fed chicken bones for calcium to my parrots for almost 20 years. When persuading my young Greenwing Macaws to come to my hand, a chicken bone provided the best lure. they are a great source of calcium .
Fruit and vegetables are essential (and not cheap!)
The percentage you give to your bird will depend on the species.
I ensure that at least 40% of the diet is composed of fresh ingredients. i also give mine walnuts, pecans,pistachios and a small amount of seed. mine also love scrambled or hard boiled egg.
Fruits and vegetables provide an extensive array of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are low in fats. Always wash all the produce you feed your bird thoroughly.
Wild and foraged foods for your parrot
These are becoming more popular as people learn what wild birds consume. Green fresh garden produce and certain weeds are closer to a wild diet.
Wild foods your parrot can eat:
Chickweed Dandelions Backberries Sloes Hawthorn berries also add fresh flowers,

If you gather from an unknown source, give a quick wash in a weak antiseptic solution in case of pollutants. No cost involved and healthy time in the open air.

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